Stichting Jongeren Ontmoeten Edith Stein Echt (NL)

Studenci z Connect College Echt pod kierownictwem Bastiaana Vegoossena

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Femke Gort

Edith Stein’s life inspired me. She was open to the demands and needs of society. She looked for ways in which the future could become more human and meaningful, and in this journey she was very socially committed, compassionate for others, and gave so much love. „Come, we are going for our people” she said. Those powerful words gave meaning to life, death, and humanity. That’s what warms my heart and many more hearts. 

Seth Rinkens

The way we walked down the same path as Edith Stein, and the way we saw all the horrible things that had happened not only to Edith Stein but to millions of other people, made us realise that this must never happen again to anyone. 

Zoë Breuer 

Our striving for money and power can in the long term lead to conflicts which can lead to very serious consequences. We need to remember other people and be kind and considerate, and to keep the peace.

Seth Rinkens

Edith Stein once said: „Our love for the people is a measure of our love of God. But it differs from the natural love for people. Natural love is for one or the other person connected to us by blood ties or by similar character or common interests. The others are „strangers” who are „not our concern”, even ugly by nature so they are kept as far away as possible.”

Pien Stukstette

You should always fight for your goals without walking over each other. And when you reach your goals you must think of the people who don’t have the ability to reach their goals. 

Maud Broen

After going to Auschwitz and having followed the path that Edith Stein walked, it became clear to us how much endurance and strength it must take to remain faithful and good. Yet, Edith Stein, as we have seen during our study trip, remained calm and loving for her people, which makes her an example for many, even after all this time. 'If I place myself in the role and person of Edith Stein, what question would I ask God?’ 

Jezzie Scheres

After learning about the beautiful words Edith spoke upon her arrest “Come, let us go for our people”, we ask God: 'How can one keep seeing the good in tough and cruel situations like Edith did? How did Edith remain so pure and good, to lead her people and stand with her people, and how could she be so selfless even though she knew the end was coming?’ 

We are so grateful that people like Edith existed and she makes us believe that people like her still exist, and to always believe in the good, and to stand with and for what you believe in.