I will try to briefly describe the gehenna of my childhood.

When the Germans invaded Poland, the pogroms began. In the fourth pogrom, my parents, brother and whole family died – a total of 30 people. I was left all alone. The Gestapo took me to the ghetto and I was forced to work in a concentration camp in the ozocerite (mineral wax) melting the wax and removing the loam/silt. It was very difficult work. Life in the ghetto was a life of continuous fear and starvation – I was in the ghetto for two years. One day, the Germans started to take people away in cars to shootings. Shots and cries could be heard. I got away with it – I escaped – the Germans searched for me for a long time. I survived thanks to the help of good people.

My answers to the questions:

  1. I was very young and wanted to live.
  2. One remembered God constantly and especially remembers when one needs help.

We saw on TV how, for the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz, people of various nationalities prayed together.

  1. Regarding the Germans, not all were bad. In every nation, there are different people, but those in Auschwitz were sadists, it is inconceivable to abuse people like they did. My hands are shaking as I write about what I experienced.

Thank you to those who remember Oswiecim, especially to the President of our Kolbe Association – Mr. Krzepina.

Kind regards

Danuta Pancerz 


Translated by Karen Forth