Better The Hands in Chains, Than The Will
Exhibition about Franz Jägerstätter (1907 -1943)

Franz Jägerstätter, a farmer from Upper Austria, was one of the  very few who because of his Catholic faith refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler and to participate in the Second World War.

He paid for this open and sincere attitude with his life. The sentence by guillotine beheading was carried out in Brandenburg on the river Havel on 9th  August 1943.

It took many years to compile even a fragment of the memoirs of this man who was pro-life and opposed genocide.

Today he is one of the best-known opponents of World War II in the Catholic Church in Austria.  Unfortunately, Franz Jägerstätter’s opposition is completely unknown elsewhere.

The exhibition about Franz Jägerstätter was prepared by the Peace Library/Antiwar Museum of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg. The exhibition consists of autobiographical texts and photographs from private collections.