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Paula Borkowska - FIGHT - DIALOGUE


“What is supposed to go by will go by”
Everything that left a sign – will remain.
And they will struggle
Stamp and hope
Playing with each other
Hatred and love
Against each other, so inconsistent
So different and so strong
Two methods, two values
Two feelings without mercy
Love is patient...
Hatred is persistent...
The two of them
Will fight together until Goodness is there
And Love defeats Hatred
Without a duel – just by loving


A dialogue is a very important way of understanding ideas, especially those different from our own.
A lot is being talked about that today. At the same time dialogue is disappearing...
The following dialogue presents a conversation between two people who visited the concentration camp and now are discussing their experiences there.

– Have you been there?
– I have
– Have you?
– Yes
– For how long?
– Just a short while
– Have you seen?
– I have
– What have you seen ?
– Dead life
– It died... over 50 years ago
What died?
– Life
– I don’t understand what you are saying.
– Me neither. I don’t understand how a man can take away another person’s life. What’s more, I cannot understand how a man can kill millions of people.
– Would you like to understand this?
– …no, I don’t think so.
– Why?
– Because if we wanted to understand everything, this “everything” would become incomprehensible.
– What you say is difficult.
– No, it is our history which is difficult.
– What are you going to do?
– I’m going to live.
– Live?! Just live?
– Live a real life.
What does it mean: live a real life?
– It means to love. Life without love is worth nothing.
– And what next?
– Next? I want to build a future based on love. Only then will evil lose its triumph.…


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