Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim

My home town: Oswiecim

Miejsce zamieszkania: Oswiecim
Wohnort: Oswiecim
My home town: Oswiecim

opracowala, herausgegeben von, edited by:
Elzbieta Glowacka

Centrum Dialogu i Modlitwy w Oswiecimiu
Oswiecim 2005

16,- Zl.

The aim of this publication is to express some of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of people who were born and live in Oswiecm.  This is the place which for so many holds both the symbolic and the actual meaning as a place of extermination.

The Voices of People from Oświęcim. These voices are mostly of those who spent their childhood and youth here and have many happy and sad memories of this place. They want to share their experiences with others who perhaps cannot understand how it is possible to live here.

Who wants to deliver the message and to whom. This publication was written by students of Oświęcim high schools: Aneta Brombosz, Paula Borkowska, Małgorzata Smętek, Urszula Bieniek, Barbara Wawro, together with Anna Ślęczka, Silesian University graduate, and Elżbieta Głowacka, coordinator of the whole project.  All of them met at the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in the autumn of 2002. All of them took part in the project titled My home town: Oświęcim.

The first edition of the project, organised for the Oświęcim young people by the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer, ended in June 2003. There were lots of shared experiences, especially those connected with the dialogue between Ourselves and Those Others!  These left us with memories and impulses, all of which led to a deeper analysis of ourselves and the place we live, and finally to the role of Oświęcim in the lives of its citizens.

Among the reasons for offering this publication in Polish, German, and English is the need to facilitate meetings with Guests to Oświęcim, as well as for the journeys of Young Ambassadors from Oświęcim who visit Germany.  By Guests to Oświęcim I mean all those who come to KL Auschwitz to visit the site of extermination of over one million souls.  Many of them travel long distances to come here and confront within themselves the tragic history known to the whole world.  Not many realize that near  the place where the concentration camp was, there continues to be the town of Oświęcim.


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