Dear Ewelina Matyjasik and Paweł,

Dear children

I would like to share a few feelings and thoughts with you because you are Polish – you are young and you live so close to that accursed place, which surely causes a psychological burden in you. I think the fact that you live so near the camp is not insignificant and must, in some measure, affect your thinking and your character.

What we experienced was terrible and I hope it will never return. I will just mention I was 19 years old when I was arrested. It’s difficult for me to give you a recipe for how you should live. Just because I was there does not mean I have the right to influence your life. Just live rather normally and honestly. One thing is sure in the future: above all take note of the hands and the behaviour of the politicians whom you will elect. Look at their hands; check their activities so that such abusers as Hitler do not get into government. I cannot understand how the German people living in a so-called cultured Europe could elect Hitler as leader and then support his disdain for other peoples. I do not believe the explanation the Germans give that they did not know about his crimes.

So, the strength of the future lies in you. I know it is a great burden, but unfortunately I can’t tell you any different.

I, in fact, sympathize with you young people, for, instead of living a normal life and enjoying life, happiness and being carefree, you have been burdened, consciously or subconsciously by the stigma of that camp.

Kisses, dear children, live happily. Warmest regards

Urszula Schulz

born Łapińska

I was born 19th May 1923 in Poznan

PS. I regret that I have never had the opportunity to visit your town. After all, when I was in Birkenau working in the fields, I would look ahead and could notice people walking and cycling in the distance, which deepened my longing for freedom.

Kisses once again, dear children.


U Schulz

Puszczykowo k.Poznania

Translated by Karen Forth