Memorial Journey to Auschwitz

From 2.-5. September 2018, members of the fan initiative “Zebras stehen auf e.V.” (Zebras are standing up e.V.) will be staying at the Center for Dialogue and Prayer.

“Zebras stehen auf e.V.” was founded in 2013, after recurring racist and anti-Semitic outbursts by fans during matches of the MSV Duisburg football team. With the initiative, a network was created for MSV fans, who wanted to work together on keeping the stands in their stadium discrimination free and diverse. A key part of their work includes organized visits to Memorial Sides.

This year’s visit is centered around a guided tour through the former Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp, integrated into a program with room for discussion and reflection about the experiences made.

The goal is now to establish an annual visit to the Memorial Site in cooperation with the fan project and the MSV Duisburg football team, in order to give fans of the MSV the chance to learn about National- Socialism, the Holocaust and Antisemitism in a safe atmosphere and in exchange with others.