Young Jews and Muslim Refugees from Germany visited Museum Auschwitz and Centre for Dialogue and Prayer on August 06th to 10th 2018

This was the first project in Germany to enable young Muslim refugees and young Jews from Germany to get to know each other’s historical background and prejudices. Muslim refugees learned about recent German history. The project was part of the German effort to fight Anti-Semitism and integration in German values and society.

Planning and Realization of the Project:

  • The Union of Progressive Jews Germany: the chairman, the entire board and the general secretary
  • Central Council of Muslims in Germany: the chairman and two representatives
  • Rabbi Dr. Henry G. Brandt and Imam Assem Al Halak
  • The State Chancellery of Thuringia:  prime minister Bodo Ramelow
  • The State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein: prime minister Daniel Günther
  • Education minister Karin Prien from Schleswig-Holstein
  • Young Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq
  • Young Jewish adults from Schleswig-Holstein and Nordrhein-Westfalen“