The memory of the events of the Reformation 500 years ago reminds us unfortunately of quarrels and divisions, but also of a deep search for God's will.
We want in these days of reflection to focus on looking at what unites us:
the witness of life for the saving hope that God gives us in Christ Jesus.

On May 07, 2000 in the Roman Coliseum
Pope John Paul II spoke to the representatives of various Churches during a Service,

"Ecumenical commemoration of the Witnesses of the Faith in the twentieth century"

“Dear Brothers and Sisters, the precious heritage which these courageous witnesses have passed down to us is a patrimony shared by all the Churches and Ecclesial Communities. It is a heritage which speaks more powerfully than all the causes of division. The ecumenism of the martyrs and the witnesses to the faith is the most convincing of all; to the Christians of the twenty-first century it shows the path to unity. It is the heritage of the Cross lived in the light of Easter: a heritage which enriches and sustains Christians as they go forward into the new millennium.”


Friday 7/4/2017


18:30 Supper

Lecture: Religions in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp
Teresa Wontor-Cichy, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum – Research Department Centre 


Saturday 8/04/2017


Lectures: Perspectives Theology of Martyrdom

- Protestant (Luther, Bonhoeffer ...)

Fr. Dr. Volker Haarmann, Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Germany.
Speaker on behalf of Christian – Jewish dialogue 

- Roman Catholic (Kolbe ...)

Dr. Joanna Barcik, UPJPII in Krakow, Faculty of Philosophy
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy of Religion

- Greek-Catholic (Martyrs of the Soviet system ...)

Svitlana Hurkina, Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv
Associate Professor, Faculty of Church History.

- Orthodox (Fr. Peradze ...)

Prof. Marek Kita, University of John Paul II in Krakow, Faculty of Theology


Way of the Cross Mediations in Birkenau


Testimony: Martyrdom in Aleppo

Marta Titaniec, Manager of foreign projects Caritas Poland
Manager of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews


Palm Sunday 9.04.2017

Mass in the Carmelite Convent church

Lecture: Christian Theology of Martyrdom face to face with the Jewish Shoah

Fr. Prof. Luke Kamykowski, Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Ecumenism and Dialogue and head of the chair of Christology at the theological faculty of the University of John Paul II in Krakow

The conference ends at approximately 2 pm.

Cost: 150 zł  (participation in Conference, accommodation and meals)

Application to attend:
Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Auschwitz
Ul. Kolbe 1; 32-602 Oswiecim
Tel .: +48 33 8431000


Applications are accepted until March 31, 2017

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