On 23 November 2012 the “Train of Memory“ from France will visit Auschwitz. This initiative is led by Martine Quérette from Le Lycée Notre Dame de Sion and Jean Dujardin, a theologian, who in cooperation with other organizations, schools and SIDIC (Centre de documentation Judéo-chrétien) has dedicated his life to Christian-Jewish dialogue. The first train of memory to the former concentration camp Auschwitz came in 1995. This year it is arriving for the seventh time.

This invitation is addressed to adults (parents and teachers) as well as to young people.

During the two-day rail journey more than 500 pupils with their teachers will take part in seminars about the Holocaust and World War II. They will have the opportunity to reflect on what happened. During their visit in Auschwitz-Birkenau they will face the place they have previously known only from literature and textbooks.