The UNESCO school travel project

The UNESCO school travel project is a working group visiting Oświęcim, Poland, for several years. This trip is made in order to visit the Memorial and take a closer look at this topic. The group goes to Oświęcim so that they can tackle consciously with this subject and be sensitive to life in Oświęcim today as well as during WW II.

Most of their time is spent in Oświęcim. On-site they deal with the Jewish history of this place visiting the Jewish Centre which has the only remaining synagogue in Oświęcim. Furthermore, they have guided tours through the former concentration camps Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Also important are meetings with survivors.

Another focus is the visit to Krakow – to tackle the Jewish past of the city, visit two synagogues and have a look at the Jewish district Kazimierz.

The students prepare in teams some focus points about the Holocaust and Auschwitz. In this context the students will also participate in the commemoration ceremony for the liberation of Auschwitz on 27.01 in Wolfsburg and they will work on the content of the programme.

“In the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer we are welcomed to Poland and Oswiecim. We are treated very hospitably, the staff support us in our work with the programme and we have the possibility for talks and discussions.”