Continuing their tradition of returning to Auschwitz, staff members from Peace Boat Japan organize this visit for some participants from their current Peace Boat voyage. Peace Boat Japan is an anti-nuclear cruise ship which engages its participants in educational seminars related to peace and anti-nuclear activity. Participants sail from Japan on a 100 day world cruise. The visit to Auschwitz is an option offered to participants. Their programme here includes a Study visit to Auschwitz Museum, meeting with a survivor, and an encounter with some senior pupils from Konarski High School, Oswiecim. This meeting with Polish young people is an important encounter as sometimes there are Japanese young people in the group from Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The young people discover a common relationship with each other as their towns share difficult narratives from WWII. The meeting includes an enjoyable lesson in origami from the Japanese group. Support staff and facilities in Centre for Dialogue and Prayer are included for meetings, reflection and evening activities.