“Nationalism and Holocaust”

For the fifth time students of the 10th grade from the Marie Curie Realschule in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) will take part in the interdisciplinary project “Nationalism and Holocaust”. Since August 2011, the event has been included in the school program and this ambitious project has gained an institutional position in the school in the tenth grade classes.

The aim of the project and journey is an active involvement with the subject of the Holocaust and nationalism; promoting involvement for tolerance, peace and understanding between peoples. So far, each study visit has been a success. The pupils, who took part in them, consistently shared with others their experiences and encouraged other pupils to travel to the Memorial Place. The experience and impressions helped to develop a deeper understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust.

During the study trip, students will keep diaries or independently carry out interviews with the participants about their impressions and experiences.