Trip to Auschwitz and Cracow

Students from Maria-Sibylla-Merian-High-School in Krefeld, Germany

Our group consists of students from Maria-Sibylla-Merian-High-School in Krefeld, Germany. We are 42 students and 4 teachers. For 10 years our school has been sending a group to Oświęcim. The aim is to enable the students to learn in different locations. In Oświęcim and Krakow they have the possibility to see places of annihilation and violence with their own eyes. They meet with a survivor who lived in the inhuman conditions and the survivor shares with the students their personal story.

Our journey is part of a long project with the topic at home. Remembrance and commemoration have a firm place in our school. This project is part of the commitment of the school to educate against racism and the discrimination of people today. For 2 years the student interest is so high that we travel with 2 groups at the same time. We want to give every student the chance to visit Auschwitz.