Journey to the Memorial Place

Every year for 10 years, a group of 9th class students from Evangelical High School in Gersdorf, Saxony take part in a five-day study journey to Auschwitz – Birkenau.

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the relevance of this part of history for society; life today; give the participants impulse to their own actions and lives through the help of the survivor’s testimony and the traces of the history in Oświęcim.

The programme includes guided study visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau and National Exhibitions, workshops: in the Collections Department and Archives, visit the Town of Oswiecim and Jewish Centre. The most important part of the program will be a meeting with a former prisoner, Mrs. Lidia Maksymowicz at the Galicia Museum in Krakow. After each journey, the students make a presentation about  their experiences and visit to the Memorial places.