XV School trip of the Gymnasium Nepomucenum in Rietberg

Gymnasium Nepomucenum is located in Rietberg, a small municipality in Westfalen, with about 1000 students.

For 15 years the school makes a trip to Auschwitz for 5 days. The excursion includes a visit to the villa Wannsee, a short trip to Wrocław and then the visit to Auschwitz with a guided tour through the Memorial sites. The excursion always ends with a visit to Krakow.
As a community school trip it has a special meaning because not only interested students from 10th grade can join, but also interested teachers and parents.

Beginning in the first years with 50 persons, the number of participants has grown larger every year.

In 2019, almost 180 people come. This means that nearly all of their students and teachers will have visited Auschwitz.

This is very good for Gymnasium Nepomucenum, because the participation is voluntary and the trip always takes place on a long weekend.