Community trip of the Gymnasium Nepomucenum in Rietberg

The Gymnasium Nepomucenum is located in Rietberg, a small municipality in Westfalen, with about 1000 students.

Since 5 years ago, we make a Community school trip to Auschwitz for 5 days. The excursion includes a visit to the villa Wannsee, a short trip to Breslau and then the visit of Auschwitz with a guided tour through the memorial sites. The excursion always ends with a visit to Krakow.

The special about the excursion is, that it is a community school trip meaning that not just all interested students from 10th grade, but also all interested teachers and parents can join.

While in the first years we had groups with ca. 50 persons, the number of participants grew to 120 during the next four years and even more people joined in the last two years. So also this year we come with nearly 200 people, which means that nearly all of our students and teachers are visiting Auschwitz or already were there. This fills us with pride, because the participation is voluntary and the trip always takes place on a long weekend.

Already now we started to prepare our next trip in May 2014 and we looking forward to our visit and the lasting impressions all participants will get.