In order to bring the theme of civil courage to young people, children and youth were selected as the protagonists of the exhibition. Anne Frank does not need to be presented in detail. Next year we will celebrate her 90th birthday. The topic of civil courage fits her because she secretly fights for human dignity- albeit “only” in her diary which today we hope is a widely read book that has been brought to each generation in a new and different way. The exhibition contains private photos of the Frank family, texts, as well as photographs of the parallel development of Antisemitism and rearmament in Germany.

Children from the Castle of La Hille, is an extraordinary story of almost 100 Jewish children who, in occupied France, during World War II were first under the care of the Swiss Red Cross under the tutelage of Swiss teachers, and then thanks to them were saved from deportation and transported to safety in Switzerland. The subject of civil courage is particularly well illustrated here.

The question “how would you behave” or where today we face situations in which civil courage is needed will be the main focus of interest and reflection.

On the 10th of May 2019 the director of the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer father Jan Nowak opened together with Jochen Schmidt head of the Peace Library in Berlin exhibition: “Anne Frank” and “The Children of La Hille Castle” – Courage in World War II.

The exhibition can be viewed from May 10to August 31