Learning from the Past – Shaping the Future

For years Achim Voiss organize a 2-day excursion with adolescents to Bergen-Belsen “In the footsteps of Anne Frank”. Within such a trip questions about Auschwitz appear. In cooperation with the social workers of Titz and the Evangelican community of Jülich, we have a group of young people who want to participate in the trip to Auschwitz from 26 – 31 of March 2015. They want to see the huge devastating extent of this place, to keep it before them so that history should not be forgotten.

Besides dealing with a part of German (German-Polish) history, “Following the footsteps of Anne Frank” and also other victims of Auschwitz and other camps is to show the youth the consequenses of racial fanatism and intolerance against people who think differently and believe in a different religion.