Days of Recollection — Peace in the World

On the threshold of Auschwitz

In the spirit of John Paul II

28.12.2003 – 1.1.2004

Pope John Paul II has been a very important inspirtion in all the world through his initiatives for peace. He lost classmates and friends in Auschwitz – Christians as well as Jews. As bishop and later cardinal of the archdiocese of Kraków the city of Oświęcim fell under his jurisdiction. Many of his convictions find their source in his first hand experience of World War II, and also the totalitarium systems of Nazism and of Communism. Today he is an honorary citizen of the City of Oświęcim – “City of Peace.” January 1st the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the World Day of Prayer for Peace and on this occasion each year the Pope sends a message of peace to the world.

Everything for us then is an opportunity and chance in which to sollicit a call for peace, here, from Auschwitz. Included in this is a special reference to the conflict in the Middle East, a conflict that is so hard to understand if the tie between Auschwitz and Israel is not taken into consideration. For this reason we are inviting Catholic groups and movements, all those seeking peace in our world, to take part in the following iniziatives:

Proposed Program:

28.12 arrival and welcome

29.12 a.m.: visit to concentration camp Auschwitz

p.m.:Conference: The Resistence Movement in Poland – from Fr.Kolbe to Solidarity

30.12 a.m: visit to the extermination camp of Birkenał

p.m: Conference: Dialogue between Christians and Jews after Auschwitz

31.12 Reflection on writings of Pope John Paul II

Welcoming the New Year

01.01.04 Holy Mass

Meeting wtih various groups from Oświęcim involved in the work for peace


Added texts:
2004-01-01 John Paul II – Message for the the World Day of Peace 2004