Journey to the Memorial Site for young teachers and trainee teachers
Against Oblivion

The aim of the study trip of ZfsL Kleve “Against Oblivion” is to deal with the subject of the Holocaust for active youth work against intolerance, exclusion and violence.

The participants of the journey to the Memorial Site are young teachers who have passed their exams at the Center for School Teacher Training (ZfsL) Kleve.

Later, as young teachers, they will have a significant influence on the civic education of their youth.

At this time of serious political challenges, it seems particularly important that the participants during their visit to the Memorial Site will deal with projects related to the culture of memory, and draw conclusions for their own work with students.

Trainee teachers and young teachers develop teaching concepts on “National Socialism and the Holocaust” for various training groups. Many different seminar themes flow into these concepts.

During the study journey, the group will take part in the guided tours through the two camps, will visit the town of Oswiecim and meet with witness Eva Weyl in Krakow. Concepts of Democracy Education against intolerance, exclusion and violence will take place under the supervision of the local staff and the accompanying specialist leaders. These concepts will be presented at the seminar after the Memorial journey and will be published on their homepage.