Participants are a group of students from Germany.

75 years ago the Second World War ended one of the darkest and most inhuman chapters in history.

The horror of war and the industrial, massive killing of people because of their skin colour, religion, political attitude, etc. are – for all their horror – an important part of German history. Nevertheless, right-wing forces, in Germany and around the world, are gaining strength and  are once again using the fears and anger of many people.

We want to motivate young people to deal with the past and pass on to other people the lessons that come from history. We position ourselves resolutely against inhumane, discriminatory and nationalist forces in all structures.

We, from Catholic youth work in Moenchengladbach and Heinzberg and from the community of the Catholic parishes of Gangelt want to counter the right-wing agitation which has again assumed worrying proportions in Germany, and remove the breeding ground for the agitators. Instead, we stand for openness to the world, tolerance and social interaction – for a society in which no one is disadvantaged because of origin, appearance, belief or sexual orientation.