“Antiziganism in the past, today, never again – Sinti and Roma in Camp Auschwitz and the current situation of Roma and Sinti in Poland today”

The Association Bon Courage e.V. will come from the 5th until the 10th April 2012 on a journey to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Place of Memory. 27 young people and adults from the region of Leipzig will come to Oświęcim.

Current incidents in Hungary, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic prove even in the 21st century that human rights violations occur towards the Roma, the biggest minority in Europe. The project’s aim is not only to look at the Roma’s history but to question  our own stereotypes as well. The group will examine the Roma’s situation in Europe today.

The Bon Courage Association was founded in 2007 in Boma and is led by over 60 committed young people as well as citizens from the Leipzig region. The Association’s goal is to bring about ideas of solidarity, tolerance and cultural openness by educational methods such as projects.The organisation’s main aim is to create a world free from discrimination, violence and destruction.