Witness and Remembrance: Historic Learning and Preservation at Auschwitz

Learn, Serve, Become Part of a Broader Moral Commitment

10 Participants from the USA whose ages range from 60-79 years will learn and more deeply understand the events leading up to and defining the Holocaust. Through learning from historians and citizens who have worked with Holocaust survivors and their families, program participants become part of the community dedicated to honoring Holocaust victims and ensuring similar events never occur again. Volunteers work on the grounds of the Auschwitz Museum, participate in historical preservation activities and provide hands-on service to support existing efforts to maintain the camp.

Amizade is a nonprofit organization that connects volunteers with community-led service opportunities in 13 communities in 11 countries. The volunteers make a difference working on community projects alongside local residents, explore the countryside and customs of a new place, and build lasting friendships across cultures. Amizade offers programs for students of Universities, High schools and for other: church groups, families. In the programs of Amizade volunteers are from all age groups, the youngest being a six year old to the oldest at 94.