On August 22nd, 2023 as guests at MDSM, together with the hosts and the employees of the Auschwitz Memorial, we celebrated the 90th birthday of Mrs Zdzisława Włodarczyk. There seemed to be no end to the well wishes offered to Mrs Zdzisława. The whole event was embellished with a performance by Olga Romańczuk-Fiedorowicz a student from the State Music School in Oświęcim. We offer our thanks to the directors and employees of the International Youth Meeting Centre (MDSM) for inviting us and organising the event.

Zdzisława Włodarczyk was born on August 21st, 1933. She was only 11 years old when she, along with her younger brother, mother and father, was deported from insurgent Warsaw to KL Auschwitz on August 12th, 1944. She survived in the camp till the liberation. For 11 years Mrs Zdzisława has been meeting with groups of teens and adults and taken part in projects organised by the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer sharing her testimony – personal memories.