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  • “My God, why have you forsaken me?” Meditations on the Stations of the Cross in Auschwitz

    The following meditations are inspired by the traditions of the Way of the Cross in the parish of Brzezinka.  Their aim is to commemorate those who were murdered here. When we follow the Stations of the Cross in Auschwitz-Birkenau, spiritually we follow two paths:  we walk the path of the people who suffered and died here.  And we walk the path of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, believing that Christ accompanied the people here on their journey.
  • My home town: Oświęcim. Miejsce zamieszkania: Oświęcim. Wohnort: Oświęcim.

    The aim of this publication is to express thoughts, feelings, ideas of people who were born and live in the place which for others has a symbolic meaning, is a place of extermination. The voice of people from Oświęcim is the voice of those who spent their childhood, youth in here, have happy and sad memories with this place. They want to share their experience with others who cannot understand how it is possible to live here.
  • Jan Paweł II and Benedykt XVI w Auschwitz

    "John Paul II and Benedict XVI in Auschwitz" is an album which, apart from photos of the two Popes in Auschwitz, presents the Homily delivered by John Paul II during the Holy Mass in KL Birkenau in 1979 and the speech of Benedict XVI in the same place in 2006.
  • Dialogue at the Edge of Auschwitz. Perspectives for a theology after Auschwitz

    In this book we present some fruits of more than 15 years of dialogue at the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim. In 1997, we started to organize seminars ‘At the threshold of Auschwitz’. These are international and interreligious encounters with former prisoners, Christian and Jewish, with students from Poland, Germany, Israel, the United States and other countries, with professors, rabbis, priests. In 2008 the annual congress of the Association of Professors for Catholic Fundamental Theology in Poland took place here to reflect  on the different perspectives of  a theology after Auschwitz. We present now a selection of lectures from these events in an English translation. They represent not only deep theological reflection about Auschwitz, but also quite different perspectives and approaches. We put them in sequence as Polish, Jewish and German voices.
  • God and Auschwitz. On Edith Stein, Pope Benedict XVI’s visit, and God in the twilight of history

    The collection we put here in the reader’s hands gathers texts pertaining to three important events from 2006 at the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim: a seminar devoted to Edith Stein (May 9th), Pope Benedict XVI’s visit (May 28th), and the seminar “The Presence of God in the Twilight of History” (November 23rd-24th).

    When we were beginning to prepare the seminars we had no idea that the Holy Father would visit us. It is a happy coincidence that all three events combine into a whole which becomes a testimony to what Benedict XVI said, “By God’s grace, together with the purification of memory demanded by this place of horror, a number of initiatives have sprung up with the aim of imposing a limit upon evil and confirming goodness. Just now I was able to bless the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer… So there is hope that this place of horror will gradually become a place for constructive thinking, and that remembrance will foster resistance to evil and the triumph of love.”


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