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1999-06-11 John Paul II - Prayer for the Jewish People

Prayer for the Jewish People

God of Abraham
God of the Prophets
God of Jesus Christ.
You in Whom all is included,
You towards Whom everything moves,
You, Who are the end of everything.

Hear our prayers for the Jewish People,
whom you still consider dear because of their forefathers.

Awaken in them a constant and ever-more-vital desire

to fathom Your truth and Your love.

Assist them, so that their search for peace and justice
may reveal to the world the power of Your blessing.

Support them, so that they may know love and respect
from those who still do not understand the extent of their sufferings,
and from those who out of concern and solidarity
do share their pain of the wounds that have been inflicted on them.

Remember about the new generations, about young people and children,
so that they understand that your plan of redemption includes all humanity
and that You are the beginning and the ultimate goal for all peoples.


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