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Education after Auschwitz
We wish to invite persons who are interested in  a study tour or a retreat in Oświęcim to our seminars for facilitators. With this offer we would like to give students, teachers, pastors, journalists and others the chance first to make their own experiences „at the threshold of Auschwitz“, before they decide to come here with a group.
During these days you can pay your visits to the Memorial Sites Auschwitz-Birkenau at your own pace. You can get to know all the possibilities for a study week which the Memorial Site can offer. There will be time enough for your own reflexion and for the exchange and sharing of insights, questions, and hopes in the group. We, for our part, will introduce you to the context of dialogue and prayer at the threshold of Auschwitz. We will share our experiences concerning the programmes for groups and, if you wish, establish contact with Polish youngsters and teachers. It will be our pleasure to be of help to you in any question that might arise.
Suggestions for the programme of your stay:
Day 1

6.30 pm   Evening meal
8.00 pm   Introduction „Listening to the voice of Auschwitz“
Day 2
8.00 am    Breakfast
9.00 am    Lecture and discussion in the group: „Different perspectives of those affected: Germans – Poles – Christians – Jews"  
10.00 am    Guided tour of Oświęcim with a visit to the former synagogue
1.00 pm    Lunch
2.00 pm    Visit of Auschwitz I - „Stammlager“
7.00 pm    Evening Meal
8.00 pm    Sharing ideas in the group

Day 3
8.00 am    Breakfast
9.00 am    Visit of the Memorial Site Birkenau / Auschwitz II
1.00 pm    Lunch
4.00 pm    Personal reminiscence of a survivor and subsequent talk with this witness
7.00 pm    Evening Meal
8.00 pm    Sharing ideas in the group
Day  4
8.00 am    Breakfast
9.00 am    Audio-visual presentation in the Memorial Site / visit to the archives / individual visit to  „Memorial Sites of the Nations“ or lecture units on special topics
1.00 pm    Lunch
4.00 pm    How to teach about Auschwitz? Possibilities and details concerning a stay with a group, encounter with Polish teachers
7.00 pm    Evening Meal
8.00 pm    Sharing ideas in the group
Day 5
8.00 am    Breakfast
8.30 am    Leaving for Cracow
10 00 am    Guided tour of Cracow: Old town and Kazimierz
2.00 pm    Lunch break
5.00 pm    Lecture  „Poland Today“
8.00 pm    Dinner in a traditional restaurant
10 00 pm    Departure for Oświęcim
Day 6
8.00 am    Breakfast
9.00 am    Workshop, units on special themes, evaluation and final reflexion
1.00 pm    Lunch
Fr. Dr. Manfred Deselaers – for years committed to the remembrance of Auschwitz and engaged in Christian-Jewish as well as in German-Polish dialogue – is responsible for the preparation and the realization of the seminars. In addition we invite guest-speakers who are experts in special topics.
At any time – according to your preferences (also shorter stays are possible)
Price per person:
Transfer, full board and lodging, programme  - for a minimum of 15 participants - 
6 days: 335,- € (Oct 2007)
Most of  our rooms have twin beds; on special request we can provide single rooms.
Further offers and suggestions:
(in cooperation with the Memorial Site   www.auschwitz.org.pl )
 The history of the Memorial Site Auschwitz-Birkenau, conception, offers and experiences
 Audio-visual presentation – themes: Children and adolescents in the Concentration Camp Auschwitz, shown with the example of the bricklayers'  training school; Escapes from the Camp; Death Block; Illegal art;  Prisoners from Block IV; Female supervisors
1. Art Collection of the Memorial Site
2. Paintings and drawings by Marian Kołodziej in the Franciscan Church of Harmęże
3. Auschwitz as a theme in the churches of Oświęcim
Religious Topics
• Where was God in Auschwitz? Different attempts at finding an answer
• Christianity and Judaism after Auschwitz
• Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI in Auschwitz
• The Saints: Edith Stein and Maximilian Kolbe; Blessed, Nameless Ones
• Rudolf Hoess as an example: the biography of a perpetator and the question of God
• Guilt, examination of conscience, forgiveness and reconciliation
• The challenges of dialogue after Auschwitz – building bridges
Religious services
Meditating „The Stations of the Cross“ in Birkenau
Days of religious recollection
Survivors as witnesses:
Tadeusz Sobolewicz, Cracow
Kazimierz Smoleń, Oświęcim
Halina Birenbaum, Herzlia
and others
In charge of the Educational Centre for Dialogue and Prayer:
Fr. Jan Nowak
Fr. Dr. Manfred Deselaers
The staff:
The educational department
the reception
the volunteers (Pax Christi, Foundation Maximilian Kolbe)


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