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2020-03-21 Jesuites Sarrià – Sant Ignasi School Barcelona (Spain)

March 21st to 24th 2020


The Auschwitz experience is offered to our 2nd. Year Higher Education students (up to 19 years old) to deepen their spiritual life. Every young person lives this experience from his sensitivity, his/her values, his/her beliefs, his/her faith or his convictions. In their inner world they ask themselves deep questions and they look for answers. Perhaps they find them or perhaps they have to open new paths to find them. The three-day EXPERIENCE OF AUSCHWITZ is a new path to find answers.

The participants have a preparation process in Barcelona with two meetings: In one of them we see and reflect about the movie "Schindler's list" and in the other, we have the witness (Conference) of Dory Sontheimer, author of the book "The Seven Boxes".

The first day of our visit we will discover the Jewish quarter in Cracow and the life of the Jews in those times. We finish the walking tour with a personal reflection at the Memorial of the Heroes of the Ghetto (the place where the Nazis made the "selection"). In the afternoon, there will be a meeting with a survivor of the concentration camp and this makes the question "Why?" stronger than before.

The second day, we enter the scene of the final solution of the Nazis, Auschwitz Concentration and extermination Camp. After a guided tour, there will be a group activity with individual time to interiorize personal experience. In the evening we see the other side of the Holocaust in the short life of Anna Frank.

The morning of the third day we return to the Camp to do a contemplative activity to help students identify their inner movements towards some actions so that "the other is in my life" In Barcelona, fifteen days later we will organize a meeting with the participant students to share their Auschwitz experience. We will see how they have integrated the experience with decisions for their daily lives especially towards the ‘others’, the different ones, those who suffer, where are they in my life?
The Auschwitz experience is an answer to the evangelizing mission of the Jesuit schools. In this experience, young people become aware that their lives are not indifferent to the suffering of the ‘others’ and that there has to be a personal commitment to promote truth, justice and love. “Hope is the last to die, step by step, day by day”

As one former participant said, "Now we are here, we have to be open and empathetic to the ‘others’, we decide on the best for ourselves and for the others, let us be conscious of this. We can do it, we can choose it, and do it ". Auschwitz and what it represents will hopefully be part of the lives of our students now.

Auschwitz so far, so close.

Ricard Dastis i Vila – Human and Pastoral Education Coordinator
Marta Munté I Fàbregas – International Relations Manager

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